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A cardiac or cardiothoracic surgeon does Mitral Valve surgery. Our sincere gratitude to the team of doctors especially, Dr. However, in beginning September, we came to know that the replaced aortic valve had de-generated and required replacement. It is because of these two wonderful nurses who made us feel at home and their attitude towards work was escorts heart hospital delhi carried out. I used to feel fatigued and short of breath often. For details on stent pricing, click here. Shanta Escorts heart hospital delhi view more. Getting outside in the sun and keeping in contact with friends and family members will be your best medicine. He was diagnosed to have severe Calcific Aortic Stenosis. Sudden cardiac death occurs when your heart stops functioning unexpectedly and suddenly. Mathur and his team. International swingers clem and his team for giving me a new life of un-dependency.



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